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Chewing Grass

Collecting Urine (dog?) for money

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Just been to the electrical factors and this old Volvo with a trailer full of large water bottles of what looked like various vintages of piss.

Volvo had large dog cage in the back plus loads of doggy parephenalia.

Are they collecting dog piss or is it used veggie oil.



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Well, it'll be veg oil, but that's a bit of a mug's game these days.

Time was, you could approach your local pub and ask for their waste oil, and they'd give it to you for free because it would save on their disposal costs.

Then the local councils came in and said they couldn't do that as they were giving it to someone without a valid waste disposal license.  And then the professionals came in and offered to take it away for a small payment (recycler->pub).  

Sure, you could still make your own biodiesel, but I think with everything you're probably better off just driving a little fewer miles.

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