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Long time lurking

Trump again

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17 hours ago, twocents said:

It's only a few days ago that everybody was shocked to find out that there were US forces in Syria.  Advisors yes (there always are in that sort of conflict) but actual forces no.

They have been bombing  pro Government forces since day one ,under the guise of mistakes or prevention of the false flag chemical weapons attacks 


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16 minutes ago, swissy_fit said:

Obviously not very effectively, given the way things have panned out. Why bother at all if not doing it properly?

It would not be just a proxy war then ..they would have officially been at war just like the UK and the EU would have if there involvement was not behind the humanitarian smoke screen

Russia and Trump was the game changer and that was when the effectiveness ended but up to that point they were very effective 

Just think a bunch of terrorists hold off the whole Syrian army for five years ....i dont think so 

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