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The Masked Tulip

Man with machetes threatens tourists on La Concha beach, San Sebastian, Spain

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I think there have been instances of people doing that sort of thing in Britain and being shot dead.  Indigenous of course.

Wasn't there a case some time ago of that happening with someone wielding a table leg or something like that (mistaken as a gun) never mind a machete.

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    • By Stunley Andwin
      Spain really should understand, but like everyone else appears not to be able to learn from the experience of others. With a long history of occupation, the first major Jihadist attack of the modern era of 2004 in Madrid, the Barcelona attack of 2017, not to mention the dozens of Jihadist attacks and utterly failed social policy of every other country in Western Europe, the Reality Deniers of the new socialist government are letting themselves be invaded.
      7 police officers were injured in acid attacks following scuffles with woman and child doctors, lawyers and engineers.
      A polity that is incapable of even trying to defend itself is surely fucked.
    • By WorkingPoor
      It seems Thomas Cook are trying to make out you need to book up for Spain now! as prices are going to rise 5-10% due to demand! 
      & "Egypt & Turkey are great destinations with lots to offer" 
      p.s you an book now for Jan 2018
       Thomas Cook predicts Spanish holiday prices to rise
      Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
      Travel company Thomas Cook has said it expects the price of Spanish holidays to rise by another 5% to 10% next year because of the weak pound.
      Chief executive Peter Fankhauser told the So-Called BBC that Spain's renewed popularity because of safety fears elsewhere was also driving prices higher.
      "We have not enough beds for all the demand," he said.
      But he added that the firm was also seeing evidence that people were turning back to Egypt and Turkey.
      Last month, Thomas Cook said it had resumed selling holidays in Tunisia to Britons for the first time since the attack at a resort in Sousse in 2015.
      Trips will resume in February 2018, after the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) eased its travel advice.
      The FCO previously advised avoiding all but essential visits following the June 2015 beach attack, which killed 38 people, including 30 British tourists.
      Mr Fankhauser told the Today programme that both Egypt and Turkey were "wonderful destinations" that offered "great value for money".
      On the contrary i'm expecting Spanish Tourism to be down some 40% over the coming year, you can smell the desperation this means everything to the industry.
      Personally i've withdrawm my tourist £ from any countries i consider to be appeasing and failing to tackle the terrorism risk.
      At the moment that's
      France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Tunisa, Egypt, Morrocco,  Sudan, Tanzania, Nigeria, Gambia, Somalia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Malaysia & Canada. 
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