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So, I was triggered this afternoon.

SpouseBot wanted to go to M&S after church this afternoon.

The trousers on sale were blatantly CIS-gendered.

They were - no word of a lie - marked with big letters STRAIGHT!

And did I see any LBGTIANQ+ marked trousers to balance it out?


I left the place shaking...

Obviously David Lammy needs to tweet about this to set the matter straight...

And don't forget - it's Lesbian Visibility Day on April 26; and the Day of Silence on April 27.

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Awareness and visibility bollocks must have peaked by now. I just don’t see why I should care about any of this stuff. Don’t get me wrong, gay people were definitely persecuted during my lifetime (unlike other “minorities”), and I am happy they are now accepted. But these days it’s fine to be gay or transgender in the UK, and it has been for 20 years now, so just get on with your life. I don’t feel any need to campaign on behalf of people with a double crown, or campaign on behalf of people with size 10 shoes, or people who drink tea a lot, or people without an appendix...

If there is no general persecution then just get on with doing something useful and stop trying to force everyone else to be wildly passionate about your particular tedious personal obsessions.

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