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After May's Russian nonsense there's no way I'm voting Conservative.

After C orbyn's reaction to May's Russian nonsense I'm voting Labour.

Having thought about voting Labour it's just not something I can do.

I might vote LibDem.

Having thought about Vince Cable there's no way I'm voting LibDem.

I got it.

I'm not voting Conservative.

I'm not voting Labour.

I'm not voting LibDem.

I could vote Plaid Cymru.

I'm not voting Plaid Cymru.


I'm not voting UKIP.


I'm stuck.

They are ALL shit.

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I have a cunning plan.

We aren't going to get PR but how about letting people vote where they want.

Say I want to vote ukip but don't have a ukip candidate. I can get myself to another constituency, hand in my tamper proof polling card and vote for the ukip candidate there.

It would cause the pollsters a major headache.

Anyone see any downside?

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    • By Chewing Grass
      Well May has paid a farewell visit to Brussels and been treated very civilly after her astounding achievement back in the UK of stalling the leave process.
      The media keep shoving microphones in the faces of senior europhiles and are unanimously told that the EU doesn't negotiate and they don't care who the new PM is they won't change their mind.
      The overall impression is that the monolith known as the European Union has publicly become akin to the 4th Reich and the UK is in the same boat as the Catalans, all we need now is for the chief Brexiteers to be rounded up and arrested.
      We have now entered phase 4.
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