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man o' the year

Just back from Church

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9 minutes ago, sleepwello'nights said:

I don't attend mass very often. Although as a school child I did occasionally. Last time I went, about 20 years ago, I took my prayer book that I had been given as a present when at school. It has the masses, organised by the dates they should be held. Its in Latin, but the mass I last went to was spoken in English. Just didn't seem right to me, plus I was caught out not being able to know when to stand, sit and so on. I had to follow those who knew. 

I prefer the traditional mass in Latin.

There is a listing here


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On 21/07/2018 at 12:11, Hopeful said:

Gosh, missed this thread. Notice it began on April 1 - fitting

Why would anyone go to Church (or any sky fairy gathering - let's not pick on CofE),

I was sent to Church as a kid - I was a vehicle for my parents to look respectable and for a bonus, it got rid of me for Sunday Morning.

As far as I could make out, and still do, it was, do as you are told: stand up, sit down, stand up, kneel down, sing this, say that, listen to this, occasionally drink from a cup after someone else, shake hands and now clear off. Oh, and I got to know Bishop Peter Ball.

Next contact with a vicar, and I can't post this often enough, was when my Aunt died and she bequeathed the village Vicar £1000 (Note: the Vicar, not the 'Church' ), and he subsequently wrote to me asking if there had been a mistake as he always thought she would leave him £10,000.

Church ? no thanks.

Some quiet time in nature watching a butterfly warm its wings, or marveling at a flower, or watching an ant carrying something 10 times its size, is good for me.

All respect to the OP, but Church is not for me.

I take your point. To me churchgoing however is similar to the bit you describe in bold. It's not a quiet time in nature as such, more a quiet time in a spiritual realm which is linked to that of nature, somehow part of it but beyond it also. 

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