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Demolition costs

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I have a 1950s (horrid) single bay, single skin garage that needs knocking down. The council have agreed it can go. Anyone know if it's cost effective to get one of these reclamation companies in, to remove it (and take the peg tiles off the roof and take that off the costs), or just to get a demolition company in and place it all in a skip?

The bricks are of no reclamation value, but I am going to keep some of them as they may come in use; the pegtiles might be worth something though, they're the machine-made ones that you can buy for about £1 each. No idea if they can be removed easily without breaking.

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Can't see there being enough value in there to be honest for their trouble. Never no though, they might have client that wants the brick to match and they're short, take a couple of photos and email nearest reclamation yard to see if they are interested.

How far away is the nearest recycling centre? Just broken even on raw cost of trailer and fitted towbar vs skips. Save money on the gym and have a workout. :D 

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