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LT Hidden London tours

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Just a heads-up for anyone who wants an unusual day out and doesn't mind taking the risk of travelling into London:

Tomorrow, London Transport museum will be releasing a block of tickets for their "Hidden London" events where you get to have a look around disused and abandoned stations and tunnels.

These go very, very quickly. The most coveted one appears to be Down Street, which we did last year - a really unusual and memorable afternoon.

Since I'd signed up for this, I got to buy tickets today. I won't be going into London, but partner and his mother will be having a wander around the unused Charing Cross platforms and tunnels (where many films are shot) this year.


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3 minutes ago, Hail the Tripod said:

I'd love to get in to see the Witley Wonder Underwater Ballroom (just down the road from you, in fact):


Have bookmarked that - certainly something to see. More interesting than Marwell Zoo, perhaps ;)

I shall explore that site later, looks good. Thanks!

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