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Long time lurking

PPI of tommorw for some

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Today i just discovered something that must be breaching health and safety rules in a very serious way and could well be endangering a lot of peoples lives (those who live near by and those like me who work/maintain them ) 

I`m talking about incinerator power stations or energy from waste ,i have worked on these before but today was the the day that confirmed my worries ,i was working in the fire box of the boiler which had not been cleaned out after it was shut down, we knew it would be full of fine ash so dust masks was going to be needed ,but when we got in there and started to look around it became obvious that these places burn absolutely  everything and anything

There were countless clutch plate cores car wheels and god knows what else ,how much asbestos/pcp`s go thru these places is anyone's guess ,they empty skips and bin wagons into a hole pick it up with a grab crane and dump it on a conveyor no fecker knows what`s getting burnt 

I will not be going back in one of those places ever again how the fuck they get away with it is beyond me..money talks and shit walks can be the only explanation

The sign at the council skips are their only QA/control process when it comes to their fuel    

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3 minutes ago, Kilham said:

I'm sure this has been known for decades. At one time it was just expected if you were poor you had to live with whatever crap the local industry threw at you.

They know for sure, i have only worked on them a few times but they, as in the people that run the places have always been conspicuous by their absences when it comes to anything to do with the ash from the furnace/boilers  it beggars belief how they get away with it these days especially so for those that work in/on the plant   

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