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Hammond wants high unemployment

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Got to commend the honesty, but surely something of an own goal among the Tory faithful. 


I’m a Conservative I didn’t come into politics because I believed in higher taxes. I believe in lower taxes. And I want to see Britain as a high skill, high unemployment, high growth, low tax economy.


High unemployment is, of course, desired by governments as it keeps wage inflation down, provides a handy scapegoat and keeps the workforce fearful and compliant.

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What do you reckon the number of working age adults working 38h a week is?

Id guess 60%. 

Then what about the number of public sector employees is 20%

We have very high unemployment. In places like the NE, public sector employment is used as amassive carpet to sweep the unemployed under.

These trends have existed for years, Brown, with tax credits and massive expansion of public sector during 2000-2008, really went for it. 

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