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Who's gone the SIPP route and how have you done?


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I think it's fair to say that those who migrated from what was already an outlier forum to DOSBODS are a very resourceful type of person who likes to take control wherever and whenever they can especially when we see underperforming, overpaid middlemen or interfering and restrictive busybodies negatively impacting our lives. 

One area is pensions and after seeing my old funds drift south (while at the same time being charged for this stellar performance) and watching MrsLTSs pots flatline I decided to take the plunge 5 years ago and self-invest. 

The first two years was a learning curve, and I traded excessively and obsessively with very little reward to myself (the fees on 400 YES 400 trades outperformed my return x4 - that old adage that the house always wins rings true). I almost gave up at that point and that's when my investments started to grow.

My goal was to have at least a dozen solid blue chip companies paying a dividend (one for each month effectively) to top up whatever meagre state pension I might receive in (choke) 28 years time. Jointly, there's 18 stocks (just added SSE today) so my net adjusted holding (half) is at 9 already with an average value of £7,500 per stock. For a while I was struggling to pick the next runner so put £37.5k into the FTSE 250 ETF recommended on here (it's gone up but thats just noise) and have a similar amount held speculative in miners and tech companies, flipped a few last week trading into **intentionally left blank** for the divi but ducked out with an early capital gain.

That's my story so how has everyone else got on?

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man o' the year

I have just started ISAs but previously we (wife and I ) had PEPs which we have held for a long time. Looking back these have averaged over 12% growth per annum since 2009 and some dividends have been drawn too. I am hoping for similar with my self select ISA. Being only 4 years from my first pension kicking in I felt this was the better route.

By transferring currently held cash ISAs  and putting in the full 20k each from now on means that by the end of this financial year we should have 100k in, and this I think rate of input is sufficient for our purposes. The extra income from pensions means that we will be able to continue to do this.

I prefer funds as I my previous experience with single shares has been disappointing. That said I hold some Kier Group shares at the moment and Royal Mail outside of the ISAs.


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Frank Hovis

I just whack in the maximum each year to avoid tax and it seems to go ok though I don't track it; always into equities rather than bonds, income rather than growth (I want growth but surprisingly growth funds seem to actually grow less than income funds).

I work on the 1% rule for savings, i.e. if you only take a 1% income then both that income and the whole portfolio will rise faster than inflation, and whilst at the moment I could retire upon that basis of taking income it would be a fairly tight existence until works / state pensions kicked in,

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Inoperational Bumblebee

ISA rather than SIPP here too, though one of its purposes is retiring early. Not comfortable with being unable to get at a SIPP until a certain age.
I started in November 2014 and my portfolio value is already more than my gross annual income, admittedly helped along somewhat by a recent unexpected windfall conveniently just before the end of the tax year.

Nothing particularly exciting about my asset allocation: 70% equity in individual geographic trackers, 20% bonds, 5% gold, 5% bitcoin. I intend not to adjust this as I age as I need the growth if I actually want to retire early, though (at the moment!) I'm pretty happy with this level of risk. As we discussed elsewhere LTS, I did have a dabble with IQE but realised individual shares were not for me.

I have two targets at the moment: FI, at 25x my annual expenditure; and Semi-FI at 25x what I'd need to top up 16 hours a week on minimum wage.
These are somewhat fluid, as I'm not sure what my intentions are yet. It just seemed to make sense to me to have it there and not need it, rather than the other way round!

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I have a SIPP,   very happy with it..  mainly from the point of view of transparency and flexibility.   I can see exactly what I am being charged and I can move my investments anywhere I wish.

Have I out performed the market?   I would say no,  but that is mainly down to my investment strategy for retirement.    I plan to retire to South/Central America and so I have invested roughly 40-50% of my fund in Latin American investment trusts.   The Latin markets have performed pretty terribly the past few years and that has been a major drag on my investments..   but it was only ever designed to be a "hedge" against the cost of living there when I retire so it did work (kind of).

If I had put everything into global funds or investment trusts like most of the pension companies do then I would have probably done the same or out performed them.   If Latin America suddenly picks up I may still do. 

Over all I would definitely recommend it.  If you want to "play safe" just invest in the same things the regular pension companies do.

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