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US politics

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Just read a comment on Reddit that I had to share:



And a lot of narratives were really, really exaggerated. There were actually some pretty good points in Trump campaign, and I am saying that really generous, he was focusing on good things, and proposing bad solutions.

Immigration, Islamic terrorism, Health care etc. are actual problems, but building a giant wall, banning entrance to US and completely getting rid of Obamacare weren't the solutions.

But most of the time, instead of proposing counter solutions that are better, Democrats focused on calling Trump a racist Islamophobic who wants poor people to die. This made it looked like Democrats didn't see any issue at all with these things and anyone who saw it was, like Trump, a racist Islamophobic who wants poor to die.

Instead of talking about their ideas, they talked more about how bad Trump's ideas were, this made it look like they had NO IDEA what to do and Trump was smarter than them.


I found this a great comment. It's not a revolutionary thought - Jonathan Pie has been saying similar stuff.

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Whether it was written by a democrat and for what reason its still fairly accurate. Like in Brexit there would have been a large mass of voters who might not have 100% agreed with any proposed solutions  but were willing to vote for the side that at least raised the issues they were concerned about instead of ignoring it, shutting it down or insulting anyone who raised it

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If mainstream politics refuses to discuss or address the real concerns in people's lives, then those people are going to give up on the mainstream political consensus.

This is the great failure of political correctness, in that in shutting down mainstream debate on issues, it actually pushes people towards the political extremes.

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