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17 minutes ago, twocents said:

I think the President is entitled to decide when he has answered enough questions from any one journalist otherwise one journalist could hog the entire press conference.   Acosta did get a decent amount of free speech in during the press conference. 

Nobody has to answer questions from someone as pig ignorant as Acosta was being - that's quite apart from the way the he physically accosted the intern.

If someone came to my party, starting p*ssing around, and so much as touched a lady under my care, I would not be nice.

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10 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:




Good for you President Trump.

The whole thing stinks of swamp.  They don't do anything for Britain either despite the likes of May and the tory party and the rest of the LibLabCon fawning over them no doubt for future self serving and greedy KERCHING!

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3 minutes ago, JackieO said:

Holy Schitt!! :Jumping:

Fire Memes at will!!


Job done, the Schitt bit was the cherry to expose the hypocrisy in regards Mueller's appointment.  

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