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Frank Hovis

Free gift cards?

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Is this site legit?


It doesn't seem to be asking for any cash or details. I haven't tried to get one, primarily because a discount is only of value if you're buying something anyway.


Slightly odd reason for finding it: I was typing in RT to get Russia Today, accidentally typed rr and there was this odd code as second or third suggested auto-complete, which seemed odd as I couldn't remember searching it  before, so clicked on that and this site was the only result.

So: this has not been recommended to me and I am not recommending it; not having used it.  I would however be interested in the offchance that I may buy something this year.

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Pretty sure it's just a lead in to get you to download one of those crappy apps for which they get commission. The loading screens are obviously fake and not doing anything apart from trying to convince you there is something clever going on behind the scenes. I'd definitely avoid.

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