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Groin strain .....

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7 minutes ago, This Time said:

Serves him right, shouldn't have been competing anyway. I hope it's a career ending injury.

The reason I could never be a commentator is that I would say on air  'What the fuck is this person doing in this competition?'

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3 minutes ago, Hail the Tripod said:

The British woman won a Bronze after only taking up lifting 2 years ago. Seems like you would have to train for longer to develop the skills and musculature in most sports to reach that level.

I reckon I could win the womens boxing title after rolling out of spoons.

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Oh, come on -- it was inevitable.

There's no way a transgender weightlifter can compete with real women on the 120kg Snatch.  Also, while (s)he could have dominated on the Clean & Jerk a few years ago, (s)he's just not got the equipment for that any more.

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1 hour ago, Chewing Grass said:

You need to look at the photo like this,


looks more like a rather aggressive Premier League footballer.

Womens sport will never be the same, it will become pointless.

Oh theres a point down there. Thats the issue.

In the good old days intersex was going between various cincurrent gf houses for a shag.

Trannies have ruined my memories. Ball sacked cunts.

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