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So we have the Ether thread, but no Bitcoin thread yet. Given the rather impressive run up over the last few days (currently £1230 for future reference) I thought I'd start one.

Who's holding any? Do you have any idea of at what level you plan to sell? Are you treating it like digital gold, pure speculation or what?

With all the recent action with the SEC Winklevoss ETF decision and Japan's recognition of it as a proper currency, its future looks bright to me though I don't really follow it that studiously. I'm currently experiencing the fear/greed dichotomy of whether I should lock in some profits now and sell some, or go nuts deep and get more!

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My tips for bitcoin: Ignore all charting and analysis, its all bollocks, all moves < 6 months time horizon are random moves by whales trying to shake out and take profit from amateurs (that

I have far less experience regarding crypto investing/trading than other DOSBODS users on here but I got started back in April with a view to hodling BTC. Hardware wallet:  Ledger Nano X or Trezo

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I recall buying some at £154! Wish I'd gone all-in at that point.
I bought some Ether earlier too. Moved some of my Bitcoin to Kraken and bought it there. Dropped since, of course...
Normally buy my 'coin at Coinfloor if you're interested.

Did have some fun sorting out a live price for Ether in my Google Sheets portfolio spreadsheet, but got it sorted now. Used enjikaka's script from here.

I think I'm a bit too exposed to crypto at the moment, as I can't help feeling it is absolutely pure speculation on my own behalf (YMMV). If it all blew up in my face it would be rather painful but not critical. Don't think I'm going to put any more in as my original intention was only 5% allocation and it recently hit 12%. That said, the whole reason I added it was because it was wildly volatile. I just need to stop looking at my spreadsheet. 9_9

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For me BTC, like Google shares and AU, is too expensive now to be worth a punt.

I've been looking into altcoins etc over the past few weeks, decided finally to plop for some ETH today (about £300 worth). Did weigh up ETC as well but decided it was a lesser known entity.

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5 hours ago, Inoperational Bumblebee said:

Perhaps it's a similar effect to this? Cost of transfers reflected in the local price?

BTC-e WFT is that? A forked version?

Kraken is nice, been playing with it, sent some fiat, just waiting for the right time to buy something, thinging ether, BTC or DASH. DASH looks interesting as its trying to go down the paypal route. Been waiting for a pullback on something and its just been going straight up all day...

Gonna try and withdraw some from Kraken, to my wallet, see what they charge me, and close the loop.

Anyone using a DASH wallet?

Check out this chart program of all the cryptos.






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Briefly, I saw someone had built a script to query all the main exchanges' sourcecodes to see if any planned new cryptocurrencies are going to be added - before they actually are. I saw that Golem (and another I forgot the name of) are going to be added to Coinbase shortly, so that's mainly why I invested in it. Was only a few quid.

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It's more like a case of spread betting, you can spread across the 50 or so altcoins and even if you invest £5 in each you'll perhaps end up making a profit in 5 years' time.

Could you say the same for the National Lottery? Probably not... Buying 50 lotto tickets statistically only 1 will win... wtf. 

On Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 00:33, The Masked Tulip said:

For Bitcoin to rise so significantly so rapidly some serious money is moving into Bitcoin.

Why is serious money moving into it? That is the question.


A load of GPs buying stock.

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On 07/05/2017 at 05:12, Inoperational Bumblebee said:

Something like the Revolut card. A prepaid debit card that gives you the current exact exchange rate with virtually no spread, i.e you don't pay extra fees. The other option is to pay with bitcoin!

Just for reference, I've initiated a SEPA transfer from my Revolut card (free standard account) to Kraken which should be at the current exchange rate with no fees. Transferred £100 to the card, converted to €115.71 and will update this post with however much turns up in the account. Says it should be Thursday...

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