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    • By One percent
      A 78-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a suspected burglar was stabbed to death.
      The homeowner discovered two intruders in Further Green Road, Hither Green, south-east London, at about 00:45 BST.
      One suspect, armed with a screwdriver, forced the man into his kitchen where a struggle ensued and he was stabbed, Scotland Yard said.
      The 38-year-old was taken to hospital by paramedics but was pronounced dead at 03:40.
      The pensioner, who suffered bruising to his arms, has been arrested on suspicion of murder.
      Bonkers. So, a couple of local scroates break into an elderly person's home in the middle of the night. they come tooled up with a screwdriver and force him into his kitchen where presumably, the elderly man grabs a kitchen knife with which to defend himself.  A scrote gets stabbed and dies.
      The elderly man is charged with murder 
      I thought that murder had to be premeditated?  
    • By One percent
      Oh, we didn’t see this coming....ffs
      number 9 on the list 
      all the cities in the world, London is not the first that springs to mind when one thinks of water shortages. 
      The reality is very different. With an average annual rainfall of about 600mm (less than the Paris average and only about half that of New York), London draws 80% of its water from rivers (the Thames and Lee).
      According to the Greater London Authority, the city is pushing close to capacity and is likely to have supply problems by 2025 and "serious shortages" by 2040.
      It looks likely that hosepipe bans could become more common in the future.
      i mentioned on a thread the other week about how low the water pressure is in London. It isn’t rocket science that it will run out and I would bet, way before the dates given in the article. 
      So, what does the establishment do to rectify this?  Allow unfettered immigration so as to speed it all up.
    • By The Masked Tulip
      When I first saw this reported this morning I wondered whether it was something akin to a carbon monoxide tragedy. But now it seems that they were both found hanging side by side.
      Canadian billionaire and wife found ‘hanging side by side above pool’ at £3m mansion
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