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Van Lady

Ordinary people you’ve met who inspire you

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I was at a wedding yesterday of a younger member of a family I’ve known for years. Had a lovely time.

Also I was very inspired by an older member of the family who I’d never met or talked to before. What a lovely, lively, elderly and interesting woman to chat with. Her husband was a nice and seemed contented type bloke but not so chatty and I now also find him inspirational as a human being.

Halfway through the proceedings on an outside fag chat a close family member told me something I’d never known before. A shocking revelation. The inspirational elderly woman had been raped and her son and daughter, with an age difference of around twenty years, were unintentionally by different fathers.

The elderly lady and her husband brought the kid who was conceived by rape up as their own. I’m not sure I could have done that, remained happy and fully embraced life. It made me feel humble and ashamed about my own trivial moaning about nothing much.

Another inspirational person I met over 25 years ago was an elderly woman who had been incarcerated in a mental institution by her family because she was alcoholic. It was years before she was released and became independent. To date she is the most serene person I’ve ever encountered in my life. She died a number of years ago but I will never forget the inspiration she gave me when I wanted to quit alcohol dependency.


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My Grandma and my Auntie S.

Grandma married my Grandfather aged 18 when he was around 46. Back in the late 1920's in Ireland young women had no choice in who they were to marry and some like my Grandma had to marry much older men. My Grandad was prevented from marrying as a young man as he had to as the eldest son look after his mum and dad until they passed away.

Grandma bore my Grandad 12 children, of which 11 survived to adulthood. She was pregnant from age 19 almost constantly right into her 40's.

I knew her as a child and teenager, She was wonderful so kind and serene with never a cross word or complaint about anyone.

She was also generous giving my siblings and I, more than we deserved or she could have afforded especially with her having grandchildren too numerous to count.

She's been dead for 30 years but I can still hear her soft voice.

My dad's like her, a gentle hearted soul too.


My Auntie S had a very hard life being married to my violent alcoholic uncle who beat her many times and  stole money meant for feeding the family often.

She bore him 5 sons two of which became alcoholics as well.

She's had a very hard life but again she is the kindest most peaceful soul I currently know with never a bad word to say about anyone.

Lovely lovely woman.

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51 minutes ago, Happy Renting said:

One person (who I have not met) but I find inspirational is Eva Mozes Kor.

A truly remarkable woman. If you ever get a chance to see the documentary about her,  Forgiving Dr. Mengele, watch it.


Yeah seen some of her posts on quora. Not sure if I could forgive Mengele after everythign she went through. But yes, a truly remarkable woman ...

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I note that all the inspirational people on here are women.  


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