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The Masked Tulip

Car drives into crowd outside a Manchester Asda

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Got dementia, buys an auto so its easier, forgets and thinks he is driving a Morris Minor.

Lesson is with the rise of hybrids there will be a lot more old folks stuffing cars into other cars, shops, assorted posts, people etc.

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    • By Chewing Grass
      Right, try this. Go onto howmanyleft and pick a manufacturer and a distinctive model no longer made.
      1) note down the peak year and number of cars.
      2) halve the number of cars left and note down the year.
      3) halve it again and note the year
      Rating equals time to halve 1 / time to halve 2
      VW Corrado 16V
      1995 - 3800
      2006 - 1900
      2011 - 928
      Corrado = 11/5
      Fiat Bravo 2.0 HGT
      1999 - 1368
      2007 - 769
      2010 - 382
      Bravo = 8/3
      Rover 25 GTi
      2002 - 1295
      2011 - 649
      2013 - 336
      Rover 25 = 9/2
      Nissan Almera 2.0 GTi
      2000 - 1400
      2009 - 700
      2011 - 370
      Nissan Almera = 9/2
      Toyota Celica GT 2.0
      2001 - 2223
      2013 - 1152
      2018 - 536
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      Chewy over all rankings from 5 contenders
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      3) Nissan/Rover
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    • By sarahbell
      Pride price increase is mainstream. Even my MIL was talking about it having been on the news

      And a serious concerns story about the Caribean carnival also on local bbc news

    • By The Masked Tulip
      News is breaking that a policeman was hospitalised this morning after being hit by a van in Newton Heath, Manchester.
      The police had been called to a property and during this they attempted to speak with a driver of a van. The van driver apparebtly struck the officer and several cars.
      The police are appealing for anyone who spots the van to contact them but have given no description of the person they are seeking.
      Online some people are making suggestions about the dominant 'culture' in Newton Heath. I know nothing of the area.
      So there you are folks - if you have seen a black van contact Manchester Police.
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