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Country Wrist Slashers

Bus Stop Boxer

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Always thought this was a made-up, parody lyric from a country song, but it's not.

I could have killed her when I first met her
And I'd have been out of jail by now.



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I can't find it anywhere on the web, but I remember a comedy show where someone was doing a parody of C+W music about xmas which he introduced as a song of joy, of happiness, and was called "my women is dead" it went along the lines of :-

"I woke up this morning" de-dur-de-de-dum,

"My woman was dead" de-dur-de-de-dum,

"Reindeer came down the chimney" de-dur-de-de-dum"

"And stepped on her head"


made me laugh so much at the time (although proper wrong on so many levels)

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