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very amusing FOI

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Classics. Including a response from the person asking of 

Dear Darren McGrattan,

The last email made no sense to me.

Yours sincerely,

Abdul Hai


and then


Apologises Abdul, I will get you a full response in due course.


Darren McGrattan 




Further to our telephone conversation I have checked with the Council's 
Information Manager and can confirm that the Council can not ask that you 
share your membership details. 
The Council therefore withdraws its request 
for proof of membership to be supplied to us.

This one has some relevance to us.
Cos no one at the council would want to ask for membership lists again, would they? :)

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2.    What systems does the council use when an emergency occurs? E.g. pen 
and paper, Excel, a system or another method? The Councils has a number of 
emergency plans in place for all emergencies and the normal use of 
Microsoft packages are used to record data


FFS> The last thing you want to be doing in an emergency is get that bloody paperclip

"It looks like you're trying to avert a catastrophe, can I help?"


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I thought this was going to be a discussion of this FOI-related travesty in Canada


TLDR; version:

  • Canadian bureaucrats forget to redact data from FOI responses made public.
  • Teenager downloads above documents from publicly accessible govt website where they have been uploaded by bureaucrats
  • Bureaucrats insist that teenager is arrested and charged with hacking for using the website for the purpose it was designed

Does David Lammy have a Canadian cousin? ;)

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