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Labour bringing out the big guns

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I don't know about her being mad.

But I have no idea why anyone would vote for a representative in Parliament who had nothing to do with the area in which they lived.

It is the 'modern way', but I think it is deeply flawed and responsible for many of the ills of society and business.  I hear it all the time -- managers just need to know how to manage, say.  But I see dysfunctional hospitals, businesses that seem to fold despite having a decent track record, local authorities that make mistake after mistake, each time the people responsible moving on before TSHTF.  IMO a candidate needs to understand the specific needs and nature of the locals, not just be someone that knows how to make clever speeches about irrelevant (to the area) subjects in the House.

But WTFDIK; perhaps they're just trying to not win the next election. 

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