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China to build lunar space station

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China has announced plans to build a manned moon base which will explore lunar resources and act as a launchpad for missions to Mars.

The "scientific research" base, which will be partly sustained by solar power, marks the latest step in an ambitious space programme that is being spearheaded by Beijing.


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I find some things very odd.  Like in that piece 'which will be partially sustained by solar power'.  Why add that?  Why not talk about all the power generation stuff, if it's so important.  They didn't go into how the oxygen would be generated, or what materials the 'tubes' for the habitation would be made of.   It absolutely isn't a 'green' thing, as the energy expended to get each solar panel up there would be absolutely immense.  I suppose it is just because the jouro is thick and has got solar panels on his house and therefore thinks he is an expert on it.

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