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Concert covers of dance music


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I have no "genre snobbery" with music. I don't care what it is if it's good. (OK, if I am honest, most jazz is crap). Though since I was in my youth in the 1990s, when dance music was huge, that's the primary genre I went for. It forms the bulk of the 800+ records that I have. Alongside the likes of Rickie Lee Jones, Eva Cassidy, Jeff Wayne, The Isley Brothers.. to make the point.

I always maintained that there is really nothing to separate the geniuses of concert/classical music to the dance music greats. Apart from time. There is nothing more merit-worthy about either. 

I'm not knocking geniuses like Sibelius (my favourite "classical" artist). Nor Shostakovich. Not for one moment. But, a certain amount of popular snobbery relegated dance music to the same bin as the majority of pop music and ignored the quality that can be brought to the genre.

This is being recognised now. And I've wanted to hear concert versions of dance music reproduced with "real instruments" for some time. Those 1990s "standards" are now finding a new audience.

Pete Tong, Radio 1's dance music DJ, was recently behind concert performances of "classic Ibiza tunes" and released albums of concert performances he had been able to organise.

In the meantime, over in Ulster.. I kid you not, this brought tears flooding down my face. Some excerpts in this clip (check out the guy with the brass instrument "raving along" at one point). Must be nice to have some new material rather than those same old stale "standards" of yesteryear.

Here's the full version of Brothers in Rhythm's classic hit "Such a Good Feeling"

Should you have an hour and a half to spare, here's Pete Tong's Proms night at the Royal Albert Hall.


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