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"Ask yourself, 'Am I just an unemployed person?'

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No, you aren't: as a mum, you are already doing a job.


No. You are not doing a job. You are bringing up kids. Me + Mrs Spy do that. And a have a job too.

Its a very different thing.

Bringing up kids is a lot easier than holding down a stressful, high responsibly job.

' It's easy to feel like you're doing 'nothing' professionally - after all, you aren't getting paid '

It but a dictionary and look up he word 'professional'

'Can you get to the GP for checkups when you're supposed to? That's timekeeping.

Can you keep track of PE-kit day and playdates? That's organizational skills.

Do you help other mothers pick up their kids in a crisis? That's teamwork.

Have you connected with other mothers in similar situations to you? That's networking.

And don't those sound like the qualities of a desirable employee?'

No they are not. You are not dealing with anything close to the pressure of working FFS.

Can you breathe in and out? Walk without falling over????

As someone who's been an employee at various time, I want someone who can do a job and be productive.

I dont want someone who's got knocked up under 22, spent all their times on benefits and, at the grand age of 35, comes into the workplace with fuckall experience, fuck all qualifications and thinks they can be a 100k CEO just because she's got several  kids.





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It's a puff piece to give mothers who've been out of the workforce for a few years where they've been bringing up children a bit of confidence in interview.

It's like those self help mantras where you've got to write down your good points and say to yourself "I'm excellent".

Confidence is not a bad thing; a colleague sadly died the other year and when his job was advertised my immediate response was "Wow, they've chopped ten grand off that salary" but it turned out they hadn't; rather he'd spent 35 years being underpaid because he didn't have enough confidence to ask for a pay rise as he wasn't aware of his own worth and the worth of the job he was doing.  I assumed he both knew this and was paid appropriately; I was wrong on both counts.

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I'm never quite sure I understand the comparisons between raising kids full time and work. They aren't really comparable to be honest, both can be horrendously stressful IMO but they are different types of stress. There is a world of difference between not getting a report in on time and spending the entire day stopping little Jimmy trying to kill himself in increasingly creative and stupid ways.

There's no medals awarded or prizes given for raising children and that's just tough shit really, but would I want to be a stay at home Dad looking after two small kids every day?

Fuck no.

Some people find it easier than others, I find the two days of the weekend harder than an entire week of hard graft.

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As Bill burr said about mothers. ..... 

I thought roofing in the middle of July as a redhead, I thought that THAT was difficult. But these mothers are bending over at the waist, putting DVDs into DVD players... I don't know how they do it! Dude, any job that you can do in your pyjamas is not a difficult job, alright? You're 35 years old playing hide and go seek... you're living the dream! No time card, no taxes... you're off the fucking grid!

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