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I say cunt

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8 minutes ago, gibbon said:

Completely fucked himself getting a decent job now, any employers is going to be one quick google away from his past "oh so you you'll happily throw your co-workers and mates under a bus if you don't like their mean words not even directed at you? Fuck off son". the So-Called BBC will still hire him though. What a cunt.

Yep, my immediate thought.  No one in their right mind would trust him....

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3 hours ago, spygirl said:


Both Arsalan and the Uni.

'"I've always been a massive advocate of freedom of speech [but] there is also an integrity you need to have as someone who wants to practise in the legal field. '

Oh my sides split on that.


Agreed. I'd include the people he exposed, so pretty much a cuntfest allround, but not the sort you want.

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Posted (edited)

His comment about what would happen his kid was being interviewed by one of these people in the future shows just how much of a dumb fuck this guy is.

1) People change you stupid fuck. St Paul for example went from persecuting Christians to being the first Pope, for Christ's sake.

2) You are wanting to practise law and may end up in the criminal justice system. Pity the poor sod who gets defended by you. "Well m'Lord, my client is a nasty piece of work, he'll never change, even if he didn"t do it he's probably done lots of bad things, lock him up and throw away the key".

3) You can't legislate against people's beliefs you fucking moron.

This guy is a collossal cunt and an utter fucking moron.

I echo the comments made about any potential employer dropping his CV straight in the bin. The guy is untrustworthy and people wouldn't work with him. He's toxic.


Edited by the gardener

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