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Why is that so many people insist on pronouncing it yootoob (i.e. no implicit y sound after the t) , I mean you wouldn't call it a tyre inner toob or call the record toobular bells would you ?. 

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    • By Melchett
      I know Im not the only MAMIL on here, so has anyone else noticed the trend in the last year or three for cycling bib shorts to get longer and longer in the bib? The last three pairs Ive bought, from different people, all have the front fabric up to almost nipple level, making it totally impossible to go for a pee unless you strip off your top and drop the shoulder straps. The way the trend is going I expect the next pair will go up to my neck. And the only pairs I have with zips in the front are a ten year old design anyway.  Do the people who make these garments not realise that cyclists go riding for hours and the older gents, who must make up a good majority of their customers, cant hold it in all day?
      I dont have a 2 to 3 foot long trouser snake, so whipping him out over the top is not an option. Likewise, these things are tight as fuck in and in modern designs the leg goes right down to the knee, where there is a 'cut off the circulation band', making the other potential exit point for your trouser hose impractical too (plus the only time I tried it Im pretty sure the shorts never sprung back to their original shape).
      Are the people who design these things all morons? Or is there a darker, anti-MAMIL conspiracy at play here?
    • By OurDayWillCome
      Just about had enough of the pathetic mainstream media (okay, so I had enough of them about twenty years ago). It’s Winter, we have a serious flu and norovirus outbreak, we have ten million more people than the NHS is funded for. According to the media the problem is all down to recent (Conservative) ‘austerity’. Ffs, headslap, jeeees, psft....
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