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A dangerous trend of anti-white racism is increasingly promoted by parts of the Western media

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Like what? I think I've seen a handful of posts that I'd class as 'near the knuckle'. In a world where you are born a sinner just for being white I haven't seen anywhere near the anger there shou

From the Twitter:    

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    • By Frank Hovis
      US Department of Justice suing Yale for long term racial discrimination against white and Asian applicants which is forbidden for any recipient of government funds.
      Now this will be interesting. I remember Gloucestershire police force, for one, admitting that they were throwing applications from white straight men into the bin and, like many, wondered how this was not discriminating against someone based upon their race, sexuality and sex and therefore illegal.
    • By Caravan Monster
      Many politicians, media, corporations etc have suddenly developed a new and overwhelming interest in this form of radical race politics and seem quite willing to openly embrace extreme ideas and ignore the violent and destructive behaviour of blm to an absurd degree. I'm struggling to form a coherent understanding of what is going on, some ideas sort of make sense but don't really explain who is trying to achieve what. It seems to be headed toward something but fuck knows what.
      Here's some thoughts, please add your own ideas and criticisms:
      1. People in prominent positions feel obliged to express pro-blm sentiments because they are worried they might otherwise get called out as racists / witches.
      2. Start a race war, but to what end?
      3. US democrats expressing blm support in the hope of gaining black votes?
      4. US as a catalyst to start the defund the police movement and replace the police with ai / increased surveillance / robocop / some dystopian centralised militarised enforcement. Could see similar also happening in the UK with our police having been reduced to a joke from the inside.
      5. To direct policy in western political direction of travel away from the current trend toward nationalist outlook and back toward globalism because that favours the masters' interests.
      6. Pro blm statements are sometimes hostile to whites, which seems an odd thing to do in a majority white country. Why are they doing this? Can't see the sense in pissing off a silent majority of potential voters / customers 
      7. Continue the economic and social disfunction brought about by C-19 but why?
    • By Melchett
      So, after last nights Alabama election defeat for Trump's man, I dont think Ive ever seen so much bigotry and hate on my social media feed.
      Funny thing is, its all the anti-Trumps that are behind it.  With no sense of irony at all, so it seems.
      I think Ive only seen one post rejoycing in the victory/defeat that didnt include casual racism (vs whites) or sexism (vs men). Or more typically, both.
      It's just...  shakes head.
      I suppose I could just unfollow the lot of them. But then who would I talk to except this echo chamber of White Male Priviledge?
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