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One percent

Scamming the system

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A failed Algerian asylum seeker who used five fake identities to fraudulently claim £370,000 in benefits has been jailed for five years.

Saif Boudemagh, 41, used a forged French identity card to illegally enter the UK in March, 2000 but his asylum appeal failed.

Boudemagh continued to appeal and eventually obtained residency in 2004, two years after marrying UK citizen Paula Boudemagh.

The article continues with a catalog of bogus claims and his brother was also doing similar. 

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The use of fake ID’s by immigrants in the UK is rife. In the scrap metal business foreign scrap collectors have a multitude of fake ID’s (even passports). Cash is not allowed so they use lots of methods to protect their false low-incomes. Tax credits - what a wonderful system to be abused by so many.

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    • By One percent
      Britain pays retirees the worst state pension of any country in the developed world, analysis has found.
      The basic payout of £122.30 a week is the least generous in the West – worth just 29 per cent of average earnings – and last night former pensions minister Ros Altmann warned the situation could get even worse.
      Government projections suggest that for those now under 30 the age when they can claim a state pension will have to be raised to 70, while future payments could be cut even further to avoid needing massive hikes in national insurance, Baroness Altmann said.


    • By The Masked Tulip
      Sky has a really interesting docu-drama on about Bernard Madoff - played by Robert De Niro with Michelle Pfeiffer playing his wife.
      It is very good.
      I wonder how much of it is based on fact rather than artistic licence? De Niro plays him as a mix of a complete narcissist yet someone to somehow pity. Very cunning and very, very controlling - especially of his sons and immediate family. An incredible tale of the emperor who has no clothes but the bigger the lie he tells the more people want to believe the lies... and how so many people submit to the illusion of wealth.
      The programme keeps reminding us of those individuals who lost their life savings under him and those who took their own lives as a result.
      It reminds me of the early days of TOS and how, with stories like Madoff, we all thought that the world economy was about to go into a 1929 melt-down - how little we knew back then. We had no idea just how much QE was coming.
    • By One percent
      As per title.  The establishment seem to be pushing the use of contactless cards through their mouthpiece the So-Called BBC. 
      Two questions.  First, do you trust them and use them?
      second, why are government so keep on adoption as they seem to be a recipe for wide scale fraud (you can tell I don't use them)  
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