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the gardener

Why were they even here?

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the So-Called BBC / Grauniad, or suchlike had a story on about a nurse from Kenya who has had to send two of her children home since they were being asked for £200 per person, per year of her contact as a nurse in the NHS. The article was about how awful this rule is, how it's tearing apart families (actually that would be the Asian gyno who literally tore a baby's head off - just where the fuck do these people train?). Anyway, we in the UK literally devour babies because we've introduced a measley, token £200pp charge to cover NHS use (which is about a 20th of the actual cost)

This charge was so high (£3600 IIRC) that this nurse has had to send two of her four children back home. WTAF were they doing here (and the husband)? Who is paying the £5-6 k per year (£20-24k) school costs for them? The UK wants to employ you, not your whole frigging family. Fuck off already. We should only take young, single, childless nurses. Well actually we should train our own. What flipping benefit is it to the UK to ship in a (poorly-trained) nurse from Kenya and allow her to bring her whole fucking family at our expense.

I'm glad two of them have gone home. The rest of you can fuck off too.

/<Alf Garnett rant>

That is all. I'm off to shout obscenities in the forest where the neighbours can't hear.

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7 minutes ago, Kilham said:

We should stop abusing our privilege as a rich (haha) country, outbidding hospitals in poorer countries and stealing their trained workers. Said no SJW ever.

Edit - Typo

Alternatively we can send our students over to Kenya to receive the training. We don't have to pay for schooling four kids, plus housing them etc, Kenya gets some useful income from training the nurses and the student gets a 3-4 year holiday in a warm and sunny part of the world. Half of them might not even come back so we might need to send some extra.

Its a win-win situation all round.

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