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The Masked Tulip

Iraqi doctor likened to Homer Simpson who pestered two female colleagues with 'clumsy' chat-up lines is cleared of sexual misconduct due to his 'different cultural background'

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They must be trying to wind us up on purpose, there's no possible other explanation. 

Dear HM Government,

You have my permission to send every single Muslim back to their country of origin whether or not they may face persecution there. Failing that you can drop them all in the sea, just get them the fuck out of this country before they wreck it entirely.

Kind regards,

This Time

P.S. please feel free to do the same with the pikies.

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At the time of the offences he'd been in the country for 8 years.  That's plenty of time to learn about different cultural expectations, even if it were a reasonable defence*.

* It isn't. 

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