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spygirl πŸ†

Wilplay to wilpushtrolleys

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5 hours ago, swiss_democracy_for_all said:

Are there any likeable footballers?

This probably won't go down well on here, but the most (seemingly, obviously I don't know him) likeable world-class footballer I've seen for a long time appears to go by the name of Mohamed.


I think your question may be better couched: are there any likeable top level footballers.

There are plenty outside the premiership where the ego has not landed and they don't all sit on the coach with their headphones in ignoring their team "mates".

The current premiership crop seem to be rather lacking in personality though, not having a TV, I tend to see little of them beyond their games.

Peter Crouch always comes across as a top bloke with never a bad word for anyone, though he has just left the top flight, and Jermaine Defoe was genuinely touched by Bradley Lowery's plight.

The rest are little more than names and faces these days; which I think is only partly down to my not having a TV.Β  If there was a Gazza type character around then I'm sure that I'd have noticed them.

The last all round top footballer and top bloke I remember is Matt Le Tissier who made some great appearances on Fantasy Football League back in the 90s.

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5 hours ago, blobloblob said:

It's only 3 games, then they can come back home.Β 

The beauty of having Hart and Wilshere in the same squad would beΒ that the former can concede enough soft goals to ensure that England are eliminated before the latter breaks down with an injury. Southgate clearly has not thought through his selection strategy. All good managers have Β an arse covering excuse for failure prepared long before the event occurs.

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