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Salamander (BBC4) - TV programme

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Has any other DOSBODer by any chance watched this? It's a Flemish political drama (8 parts IIRC), I won't ruin the plotline but it's great, well-acted, to be honest I very rarely watch this kind of thing. Fairly similar to Deutschland 83 if anyone caught that a few years ago.

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4 hours ago, DTMark said:

I haven't, but I shall.

I don't normally like political dramas (or any dramas, really). It's about the fictional Belgian Prime Minster's (thinly-veiled EU references abound) attempts to stay in power, doing some dodgy deals in Africa, political espionage etc. It'd be a spoiler to mention the last episode's plot so all I'll say is, a lot of HPC/DOSBODers etc will probably appreciate it (financial/corruption) etc. The main draw is the acting standards though - the reason I can't watch most TV due to awful ham acting but there's very little here.

It also manages the amazing feat of making Belgium look rather beautiful, even Brussels. I have only briefly been , but I wouldn't mind going again now.


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Thought it was very good.  I like the foreign drama genre if only for the fact I don't have to see the same old faces turn up which they do in UK programmes.

I loved the French one, Spiral, as it totally changed how I view Paris :Geek:

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