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Frank Hovis

Aston Martin submarine

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£4m to you sir or madam; but if £4m was small change.  Wow.

It can stay submerged for ten hours and seats three but isn't that fast at 5mph.  Still wow.


Just imagine having that strapped onto the roof of your Ford Transit!  "Oh this old thing, it's just a bit of fun really."




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1 minute ago, One percent said:

Sounds fun but I can’t think of a use for it. I guess if you had a super yacht, then nice as a toy. 

Entirely a toy, but think of those seas with great visibilty where you can just watch the wildlife on a reef.  Or go exploring for wrecks in the Med.

The visibility is great around the Scillies to come closer to home but I would be worried about that 5mph top speed in a current.  That's about the top speed of my kayak when I'm going for it and I can barely make headway against a running tide.

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19 minutes ago, Happy Renting said:

I bet it still uses standard British Leyland bin parts for the interior.

I'm more worried by all that chocolate someone's left inside it'll make a right mess on a hot day.

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