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The Masked Tulip

Penis facials - I thought this was a spoof

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Sandra Bullock reveals she swears by ‘penis facials’ as they keep her looking young



What is a penis facial?

It's the latest craze sweeping Hollywood and will set you back a princely £450.

It involves microneedling, a cleanse, a chemical peel and the magic serum.

The serum is made out of the foreskin of newborn Korean babies who have been circumcised.

Celebrity facialist Georgia Louise calls it her EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) cream.

The process is supposed to generate elasticin and collagen to make your face newborn fresh.

At the moment the treatment is only available in the US.



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4 minutes ago, Battenberg said:

Mr B often offers me a penis facial. It must be a different method here Wales. He swears his way is correct. 

Often referred to as the plasterers radio.

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4 minutes ago, Happy Renting said:

Good to see a new use for Korean baby foreskins, besides deep frying them for Hula-Hoops.

Where’s the vomit emoticon?

ah yes :Sick1:

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