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One percent

A perfect weekend for hiding bad news

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The completion of a long-awaited watchdog report on the FBI and DOJ’s Hillary Clinton investigation during the 2016 presidential campaign has put Washington on edge, as the clock counts down to its potentially explosive release. 


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I'd add that they've made the assumption (for transport, other issues), that the public interest / attendance will be about the same as the last royal wedding in Windsor -- Charlie and Camilla.  So there's plenty of scope for moany pictures and articles over the coming days to keep the smokescreen working

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      Manufacturing slump puts UK economy into reverse as Brexit looms
      GDP contracts by 0.4% in December in weakest year for growth since 2012
      The Office for National Statistics said gross domestic product contracted by 0.4% from the previous month, fuelled by a fall in spending on the high street over the key festive shopping period.
      Actual Facts: 
      Growth in 4th Qtr was 0.2%
      Annual growth 1.4%
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      Growth in the year was 1.4%, down from 1.8% in 2017 and the slowest rate since 2012, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.
      According to the ONS, quarterly growth also slowed, falling to 0.2% in the three months to December - down from 0.6% in the three months to September.
      They focus on the December figure (-0.4%) and make a meal of that rather that the more useful Quarterly and Annual figures.
      They should be sued for misrepresentation.  They can't go bust soon enough.
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      the argument was that we are all living longer so the pension age was raised.  
      Now we are living less, will they reduce the pension age?

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