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9 minutes ago, Dipsy said:

Apparently it took 6 police cars and specialist crash investigators to deal with this - why so many, how inefficient? 

Indeed. They must have loads of other shit they could deal with.

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7 hours ago, whitevanman said:

Was there an accident? 

Just looks like a perfectly ordinary Peugeot 208 to me. 

It's a big stretch of the imagination to think the muck man could engineer it to happen.
not like an allotmenter scorned is anything to worry about. :)

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Lots of polis (police) in the pics. 

Those on duty that day can tick some of their boxes!

Just a minor incident really where a tractor turned too sharply and spilled its load.

If that was my vehicle I’d be wanting to claim the lovely manure spilled on it for my garden. 

Note to self:- Keep some strong bags in vehicle....just in case!

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