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Credit Card fraud

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This morning, my assistant arrived to work with one credit card and two letters advising her that her new cards were on the way that she received in the post yesterday.

Except that she didn't sign up for any cards, so obviously she has had her identity stolen.

So we have got her signed up with noddle and checked her credit report - nothing odd on there.

Reported it to Acton Fraud and phoned the three banks to get the accounts closed.

Q1 - Is there anything else she should be doing and

Q2 - More importantly, how did the fraudster expect to be able to use the card given that is was posted to her house? Anyone know how this works as she is naturally a bit worried.

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Very recent credit searches may not yet be showing on the report.

Cards can be intercepted "in the post" at any stage but most commonly by the postman. Or taken directly from the letter box especially if it's one of the type that sits at the end of the drive instead of being a hole in the front door.

She should be cautious of potential burglary and should also keep an eye on her credit file as three back-to-back searches will have a negative impact for a short period of time.

As the issuers have been informed the cards should be stopped, but not every transaction is explicitly authorised (e.g. small amounts) so it's possible that if someone does get hold of the cards there may be some spending on them. For which she is not liable since she has already acted properly and correctly by informing them.

She should also consider if there's any way in which this isn't random, which is to say (hate to say this) that her son or daughter was involved in ordering them.

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