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Black Lies Matter

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An "activist" called Shaun King made several tweets about Sherita Dixon Cole (the woman in the second video), luckily captured by Snopes before he later deleted them.




I'm not trying to play respectability politics here, but Sherita is a widely respected fully employed human resources professional. She has a BA from Austin and her MA in Human Resources.

She has a son in college.

I refuse to accept any attacks on her character right now.





We demand that the arresting officer in this case have all of his clothes from this shift fully tested for bodily fluids.

It is our belief that they held Sherita for nearly 24 hours without cause to attempt to cover up this assault & give them time to get a story together. 


He hasn't had his account suspended of course.

Imagine if it was the other way around.

He's just deleted his tweets and is merrily tweeting away about other "grievances". What a cunt.

Here's his latest. Probably get deleted later.


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He's a mentally deluded fool. I read that he's pretending to be half black ... his parents are white ... now he's saying that he doesn't know who his father is - e.g. done a milkman.

Obviously suffering from something akin to TDS - Trump Delusion Syndrome

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