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    • By Shaneyson
      I am currently abroad. I left my car at the airport with valet parking. I left my work phone in there. Someone has used it to buy stuff off eBay using my account. Phone was unlocked but the SIM was removed. 
      I have informed PayPal about the fraudulent usage, and am awaiting a reply.
      Things have been ordered to Surbiton which is very close to where the car will be parked. 
      I'm sure that PayPal will refund the monies £250 worth so far as I have only ever had deliveries to Midlands in the last 15 years and my passport can show where I have been.
      I really want to sink the dirty bastards who have searched through my car when I have paid them well to look after it. 
      I'm looking for creative ideas to do as much fucking damage as possible to this responsible. 
      So far I have the company name, directors names, photo of car on departure, number and signature of driver, receipt and online booking details of larger company which has sub contracted the work.
      I'm relying on the hive mind as I am fuming and don't want to go off half cocked and fuck it up. I'll be back to the UK in a few days time.
      Any suggestions welcome.
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