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Frank Hovis

Global Geopolitics & Terrorism

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Well, near-universal support for this being the forum theme but as several have said: how about something snappier.

I will have a ponder myself, and the floor is open Ladies and Gentle-men for the rendering of this into a snappier title.


Edited by Frank Hovis

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34 minutes ago, Sgt Hartman said:


I stand grammatically ashamed.

(Though I beg mitigation, it was Sunday happy hour at the pub.)

Oh, play the game!  You're meant to call me a grammar Nazi next!

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Why not...

Stir up trouble in <insert country here> against some dictator <insert name> who has been a good customer for the last 20 years, on the grounds he is suddenly a threat, and then be surprised when a load of displaced and angry people turn up in boats?

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