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Frank Hovis

Another entitled person driving through pedestrians - man this time

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How on earth has this man got a licence?  He's an absolute arse.

Prior to the video he had badly damaged several cars before riding off which was the start of this; and even in ST Ives there is a SJW woman screeching that he's "homeless" as is that makes the remotest piece of difference.

Sweary language on the video (unsurprisngly) so NSFW.



In shocking scenes, people attempt to stop the man, forcing him to come off his bike as he reaches the town centre. Several pedestrians confront the rider, telling him he’s been filmed damaging cars and almost running people over. The situation escalates as passers-by attempt to defend the man, claiming he is homeless.

While telling the crowd to leave him alone, the motorcyclist attempts to get away before driving into a wall and falling off his bike as children cry in fear.

One man confronts him, asking for his insurance details before taking his bike keys as they tussle in the street. The man throws the key down as people shout for the police to be contacted. The man is seen being asked for his insurance details and says: “I haven’t got any insurance”.

He then rides off the wrong way up a one-way street, hitting a young pedestrian.



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