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I find it very hard to know what to make of Comey. I was amazed at his original conclusion that there was no requirement to prosecute Clinton over the email thing, but then having made that decision, to come out so close to the election and say he was re-opening the investigation undoubtedly affected the result. If he was up to anything nefarious then I still can't tell whose side he was on, and if he was just incompetent, he's incompetent enough to warrant getting the boot.

Nobody deserves to find out the way he did though. Very unclassy.

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The lamestream media (such as the So-Called BBC) don't report on the CONTENTS OF TRUMPS LETTER.

They're still pushing the fake 'russia' meme. 

Read Trump's letter - thanks Comedy Comey for clearing him 3 times, and that the DoJ says he's not fit for position.

Pwned biatch.

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1 hour ago, spunko2010 said:

The #BBCFakeNews Russian thing I thought had run its course given recent world events. Apparently not!

Even if the Kremlin did support Trump how is that a bad thing. Liberal logic: Russia and Trump preventing WW3 = Bad. Saudi stooge warmonger Clinton = Good.

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