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Chewing Grass

Fuck-me its hot tonight

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Not looking forward to beddy-bo's tonight, its still 21C outside and 26C inside with no wind and the windows open.

I hate sticking to the sheets and Mrs Chewy gets right irritable.

Plus went outside and it was like feeding time at Transylvania Zoo with the friggin mozzies, they found me as a target within 60 seconds.

Left the back door open and they were in the house like a bunch of scousers.

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Get one of these (or something similar):


I have the older model, bought about 10 years ago for about 230 quid.  It gets used about 5 times a year, so it's probably working out at about 5 quid per night, but to me, a good night's sleep is worth it.

Just wheel it in to your bedroom, put the hose out of the window and run it for about an hour before going to bed.  The more you can seal up the room the more efficient it is, so I put a piece of cardboard with a hole for the hose in the window frame.  Going from a 28C landing to a 20C bedroom is bliss!

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