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One percent

Diamond member 😳

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When you think of all the things you'd spend $1 million on a diamond-encrusted vibrator may not be very high on the list.

But Australian jewellery designer Colin Burn, who handcrafted the Pearl Royale over a period of 15 years, wants to change that sentiment with the promise of a very expensive - but worthwhile - orgasmic tool.



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47 minutes ago, One percent said:

That looks like a hand drill. I must be more careful what I buy at the car boot. o.O

Looks like the sort of thing you could attach to a bicycle, thrusting your way along the leafy byways

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I thought this was a new feature whereby you had to post 10000 times before you got double secret forum access.





Only to be deeply deflated upon achieving it.

27 minutes ago, Sgt Hartman said:

What the blue fuck is going on with the legs and arms in that diagram?

I hope to god you aren't the first to discover Voyager!

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