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Frank Hovis

Posting Pictures - repeated fails

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I have a fair bit of trouble posting pcitures on this site, and a similar forum so it's something in the software rather than a requested fix from Spunko.

The standard way should be to copy the image url and then put it in using the "Insert other media" option down there on the right.  However this frequently just hangs.  I'm not sure why, possibly size. If you use an invalid extension it will tell you but this is with jpegs, pngs and gifs so there shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway.  The good old fashioned way round this that always works is the image tags, as in:

[ i m g ]    address of picture  [ / i m g ]

without the spaces

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1 hour ago, spunko2010 said:

Can someone confirm if this is still happening or not? Ta

I haven't had a problem with anything having a correct extension recently so yes I owuld say that you have fixed it spunko.

Next time I have this on the other site (not ToP) I will point out that it is fixable.

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