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Britain's Got Talent

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With for some years it already being a microcosm of Britain by importing foreign acts to replace a shortage of British ones this year, having done dancing dogs to death - literally I think a previous one gave out after a year of constant performing, they've now voted rigged it for a disabled comedian to win. Fair enough if his material was top drawer but it was piss weak and he was clearly being humoured/patronised. One of many issues I've got with it is it's the worst kind of thing that promotes the idea that disabled people are a bit half sharp.

Bit of a mixed blessing a win on that show. The CD sales have clearly dried up for Paul Potts so he's had to stoop to this with a 'I never should have left Carphone Warehouse' look written all over his face.


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Britain's Got Sob Stories. It is interesting watching how the judges (Cowell) influences the votes.

It's a bit of entertainment. Bread and circuses. Contrived for your pleasure. That said, very well put together as a programme.

Liked the Asperger guy and the teacher with the guitar (though he was off his game last night). There was a comedian in the semis who should have got through but an Diversity-clone dance group won, and they plumbed for the imported person balancing act.

Ant did well on his own.

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7 hours ago, wherebee said:

Amanda Holden - 

a great example of a #metoo victim that didn't need to complain as she got the fame and fortune she wanted.....

Way before Rose nutter so I'm giving her a pass, 2002.

She's now borderline butterface but even so, 47.


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