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One percent

France has gone all 1984

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Politicians in France have proposed introducing a new law to fight fake news in the run up to an election next year.

The draft law, designed to stop what the government calls 'manipulation of information' in the run-up to elections, will be debated in parliament Thursday with a view to it being put into action during next year's European parliamentary polls.

The idea for the bill came straight from President Emmanuel Macron, who was himself targeted during his 2017 campaign by online rumours that he was gay and had a secret bank account in the Bahamas.



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So where is the boundary between news, gossip and discussion.

Where would the replublic be now if at the time of the French Revolution Louis XVI had the same power to dictate what was legitimate news and what apparently wasn't.

Strangely wikipedia says 'the French government faced fiscal crises in the 1780s, and King Louis XVI was blamed for mishandling these affairs'.

Now who says history will not repeat itself, Mr Macron - Le Guillotine.

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to many ifs

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I wonder whether Marine Le Pen is controlled opposition. She was born in the elite - she's too crap to win and her party must surely know this. They have a massive, massive base at grassroots level, put a convincing head able to out-debate the likes of Macron on that party and they would really threaten the EU and the status quo.

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