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Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

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2 hours ago, DurhamBorn said:

Centrica hit a ladder point today so bought a few more grand and last ladder point is £1.07 if it hits.Go Ahead are up 40% now from my bottom ladder buy,but im not going to sell any of those going forward as i only got 3 ladders in rather than 5 and will be holding them for the cycle.Id rather they had carried on down for a full allocation but it shows how these things can diverge at a cycle turn and how some areas turn before others.Between Centrica and Go Ahead im up £120 before dividends with decent sized holdings -18% Centrica + 28% Go Ahead.It will be interesting to see what that is in 7 years time between the two including dividends.Both are doing exactly what i hoped from an operational point to structure for the cycle ahead,but its starting to show in Go Ahead while in Centrica its still hidden from view.I really hope Centrica can unload the nuclear business as that will clean the balance sheet to a point where they can really grow the sides of the business that will flourish in the next cycle.Once reflation hits,the smaller players will all go under as they wont have the tech needed to be in the sector.My one big worry is that someone takes out Centrica at around £2.20 a share before the next cycle unfolds


"The disposal of the Clockwork portfolio is aligned with our intention to drive channel and brand simplification across the Group focusing on our owned channels and is the first part of our £500 million divestment programme of non-core assets we announced today alongside our 2018 Preliminary Results. We will continue to drive capital discipline and returns across our portfolio."

Seems like they are listening to you, or at least heading down the right path.

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18 hours ago, sancho panza said:

With you there Harley.I've moved some shrots back on after two motnhs off since early Feb.I think a lot of Western Stock Marets are looking toppy eg DJIA,CAC,DAX,FTSE.All looking overbought. 

FWIW, just had potential buy signals on my two FTSE shorts today.  Need to wait for a few confirmations, including on the weeklies, before I act.

Edited by Harley

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