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Sucralose Ray Leonard

Chimineas - Why?

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So it's great weather at present, meaning we all leave our windows open.

These fucking bastard Spanish imports stink the fucking neighbourhood out more than fucking BBqs do. 

Go put a fucking jumper on if you still wish to sit out drinking your Prosecco ya cunts.

Rant over.

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    • By swiss_democracy_for_all
      So, having lobbied for subsidized employment (tax credits etc) for years, thus helping to fill the country with government subsidized migrants, and threatened automation whenever this was questioned, they’re now going to do it anyway, as they always were going to. Just as all the employers of this type will do, as Aldi and Lidl take their market share. 
      So the UK might as well not have had the last 20 years of falsified high employment, automation was always going to come, and now  in addition to the millions of the uk’s own unskilled on the dole there will be all the newbies too. 
    • By The XYY Man
      I have always loved radios - and would listen to the likes of Radio Luxembourg fading in and out on 208m back in the 70s.
      Today, I decided to listen to Radio 4 for an hour or so - as I hadn't done so in quite some time.
      From 3pm this afternoon, I listened to a half-hour edition of "Money Box" that was basically Brexit is bad, Brexit is bad, Brexit is bad - and then at half-three, the 30th anniversary edition of "All In The Mind" which was pretty much 30 minutes of Trump Is A Cunt, Trump Is A Cunt, Trump Is A Cunt..!!!
      We pay for this shit.
      The only bit of the whole hour''s broadcast that I believed was the time-signal at four o'clock.
      And I even then I checked that fucker against four independent sources...!!!
      This country of ours is so royally fucked - beyond numbers that I cannot even begin to fathom...

    • By TheBlueCat
      I've hung out on a few forums over the years - ToS, Dosbods, PistonHeads, CyclingForums, Motley Fool etc - and it's interesting to note the different vibes which range from jovial through to downright hostile and unwelcoming. For me, the nastiest most horrible prize has to go to the britishexpats Canada forum (http://britishexpats.com/forum/canada-56/). I found a fair bit of useful information on there back when I moved to Toronto but I was never tempted to sign up due to the bizarrely nihilistic and unpleasant tone of most of the regulars both to new members and each other. 
      Anyone got an even worse example?
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